Let's get Your Home Ready to Sell- Tips to Show Your Home's Maximum Potential

Dated: January 31 2019

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This is an exciting time, you've decided to sell your home!  Here at the Brandenburg Crew, we want you to know that you will be completely taken care of.  We have a team of specialists ready to handle all of the paperwork and a marketing team to get your home in frontof some eyes.  But what we can't do........ is prep your home for showings.  We have tips to help you out though!

1.Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

This is the perfect starting point when you are preparing your house to go on the market.  It doesn't make any sense to start cleaning when you have all of these extra items in your home! Plus, a neat and decluttered home is appealing to the eyes a.k.a. potential buyers.  I like to start in the entryway and then make my way throughout the entire home, room by room.  (This may be a good time to call Grandma to come grab the kids for an afternoon!) Our listing agents will help with any suggestions for decluttering or rearranging so take full advantage of their knowledge!

2. Remove Signs of Pets

Vacuum, sweep, air freshener repeat.  People love pets don't get us wrong, but smelling Fido throughout your home may turn off potential buyers. Be diligent with cleaning the litter box and scoop up all pet toys in one area before leaving for the day. (Maybe have Grandma take the pets too for a little extended stay!) Check out your local Petsmart for cleaning ideas or maybe some extra toys since this could be a stressful time for them.

Back to the vacuuming and sweeping....

3. Get professional Cleaning

Nothing perks your home up more than a good deep clean. Carpets come to life again and a smell of freshness fills the air that is sure to greet anyone coming in the door. This is a great first impression for potential buyers. If you're just getting your carpets professionaly cleaned, things you can do on your own include: dusting, cleaning inside and outside of windows, repolishing any wooden surfaces, mopping/sweeping, you know the drill.

4. Depersonalize

Take down photos of your wedding, 1st birthdays, nights out with the girls, etc. This is part of the decluttering process and it helps the potential buyers see this home as their own. It's not just about pictures either!  Did you know that your decor style has a personal touch? Crazy, we know.  Certain wall decor items from Spain or maybe a room dedicated to 1950s Baseball, all may be a little much. You want the potential buyers to see the value of the space and not get distracted with Babe Ruth's baseball cards hung up on the wall.  Go back to the step 1. Declutter, and think "neutral" when you are prepping your home to sell. Neutral colors, simple decor, let your home shine for istelf!  

5. Paint Touch Ups

Remember that time your kids used duct tape to hang up posters on their bedroom wall and it stripped the paint right off? That's something you'll want to touch up! Go around each room of your home and mark off spots that need fixing. Don't have the original paint? Take a picture and maybe a good mental note, and head over to Sherwin Williams on 45th.  If it's work past your skill level, then bring in a professional.  Remember, the idea is to impress the buyer and to get top dollar for your home, not to turn them off by having potential paint work for them to do when they move in. 

Our listing agents are here to help with any questions you may have!  They are the experts when it comes to getting homes sold fast and for the most money.  Give us a call today at 701-354-2725 or head over to www.bchomestoday.com for more information.

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