Yes You Can Sell Your Home in Fargo ND!

Dated: 01/16/2019

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House for sale in Fargo in the Winter

In the Winter months, we hear this all the time, "We're going to list in the Spring." or "We're going to wait until the Spring." "Spring" seems to be the magic word and the most magical time to move! Moving can be a huge task and every process takes time, which is why we fully support you moving whenever you want to. It's our job though to inform you of best real estate practices and assist you in the best way possible when you decide to sell your home with us.
Ready for a big secret? Winter can be the best time to list your home! Perhaps there's a myth floating around that there aren't buyers around during this season? That's weird, because we just talked to about 100 buyers last week and will do the same this week. Imagine this scenario: Your home is the only one for sale on your block or maybe even in your neighborhood. It alleviates so much competition! Buyers can come in and focus on what is right in front of them instead of driving right past because a home similar to yours down the road has different colored shingles.
We're not ones for giving away secrets, but this is one that needs to be shared. Homes still sell in the winter! Especially with our marketing strategy and determination for your success. We spend over $10k per month on getting our homes noticed and we are talking to hundreds of buyers each week who are looking to purchase a home. Are you somewhat on the fence about selling your home? Simply give us a call and we can go over all of the information and figure out the right plan for you. 701.354.2725. To see all of our listings and others in your area, head over to
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